What a night! We are so appreciative of everyone who came out to last week's event. It was a great turn out, and Freshwaters Illustrated's film UPRIVER sparked some thoughtful conversation after the show. Thanks to the folks at Barsideous for hosting us! If you missed this event, look for another one soon. In the meantime, we're sharing a photo from the event itself, followed by a couple of images that highlight the power of partnership in restoration. Image 1: a full room for the filmImage 2: field tour of a fuels reduction project on private land in east Linn CountyImage 3: the confluence of the North and South Santiam, where working lands and conservation lands meet.#freshwatersillustrated #wemayfly #riverrestoration #upriver #barsideousbrewing #watershedcouncil #oregonrivers #southsantiam #lebanonoregon