Linn-Benton Salmon Watch

Linn-Benton Salmon Watch field trips are hands-on science for fifth and sixth graders. These field trips are organized by various interested groups such as the local watershed councils.

On their field tours, students :

  • Observe salmon biology and spawning
  • Perform sampling of macroinvertebrates
  • Test water quality
  • Assess riparian (stream bank) conditions

Salmon Watch was founded in 1993 by the nonprofit organization Oregon Trout, which later became The Freshwater Trust (TFT).

TFT discontinued the program at the end of 2010 and taken over by organizations that believe this is a great way for students to learn a little about what it takes to help salmon thrive.

Salmon Watch Andrew Wiley Park 2018
Salmon Watch, Andrew Wiley Park, 2018