Youth Watershed Council (YWC)

The goal of the Youth Watershed Council is to engage students in watershed and natural resource education. Students in the South Santiam can be powerful stewards of their watershed, and we are excited to work with them as they explore opportunities like enhancing our native fish habitat and maintaining cool, clean drinking water.

YWC STREAM is an acronym for the full name of this program: Youth Watershed Council Skills Trailing for Restoration, Education, and Monitoring. Both Sweet Home and Lebanon have a YWC STREAM program. The SSNREP program is responsible for providing the YWC with oversight and support.

Outdoor School girls

The YWC is made up of students from Sweet Home Senior High Schools in Sweet Home, Oregon and students from Lebanon Senior High School in Lebanon, Oregon. The YWC serves as a conduit for youth to engage in civic and watershed-enhancing endeavors as they learn about watersheds, watershed councils, and the opportunities they have to make a difference in their communities through councils.

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