Please click on the link for the job you are interested in applying for.  The position description includes instructions for applying.  Contact Shannon Richardson with any questions!

Positions currently available:

Outdoor School Lead

This could be your view if you apply for our Outdoor School Lead position! We are seeking an enthusiastic individual to help coordinate this year’s Outdoor School (ODS) and serve as the onsite lead for the ODS session. Outdoor School is an experiential educational program where 6th grade students attend school 24-hours a day at beautiful Camp Tadmor, near Lebanon and McDowell Creek Park. outdoor setting. As an extension of the classroom, ODS offers a hands-on, practical approach to learning about the natural world. Previous years have included sessions on wildlife biology, fishing, archery, fish biology, and forestry. This is a limited duration position that would be a great fit for someone who has a passion for working with young people, outdoor education and coordinating large events!

Wildfire Adapated Communities Specialist

In 2020, Oregon experienced catestropic wildfire. Some communities are still recovering and rebuilding, while others are working to reduce risks to health and human safety and increase community resilience in preparation for future wildfire. We are seeking a collaborative, compassionate and adaptive individual to work in both the North and South Santiam basins, helping to coordinate wildfire recovery in the North and wildfire preparedness in the South. This position would be ideal for someone with a background in community outreach, ecology and project management, and an ability to connect with folks from all backgrounds.