Watershed councils are many things to many people, but at our core, we are builders and shapers.  As we leave 2020 behind, we note the ways it has shaped us and pause to decide what we take forward with us into a new year.  We chose gratitude, hope, optimism, flexibility, and care: for each other and the world around us.This year, our Annual Report focuses on gratitude. And we are grateful. In the face of tremendous change, we sought and found moments of clarity, connection, beauty, and growth. This last year brought opportunities to rethink the ways in which we work. We learned what it means to adapt, adapt again, and then come to understand that, like water flowing downstream, we are constantly adapting.In August, the council brought on a new director. In a few days, we'll launch a new website.  In late January, we'll host a second round of the conservation education workshop series Plan For Your Land. Together, with your support, we will continue to grow. To adapt to an ever-changing world. To protect and enhance the watershed. To learn with our neighbors. To care for land, water and everything they touch.A link to the 2020 Annual Report is in our bio. We look forward to working with you in the new year!