South Santiam Watershed Council May 2018 Update

1)  The South Santiam Watershed Council will be having a council meeting on Tuesday, May 15 from 3-5pm at the Lebanon Public Library.  The meeting is open to the public.

2)  The South Santiam Watershed Council will host a Science Pub on Wednesday May 16 from 6 to 8 pm at Barsideous Brewing, located at 644 South Main St. Lebanon.

Jeff Clawson will speak about the importance of water quality as it relates to beer brewing in his presentation “Water, the main ingredient in beer”.  Jeff is the pilot brewery manager at the Department of Food Science and Technology at OSU.  He installed the original OSU research brewery in 1995 and the 2-barrel, five vessel, fully automated brewhouse in 2018. He has been an instructor in Brewing Science since the Fermentation Science Program inception in 1996.

Bill Bartman, co-owner of Barsideous Brewing, will provide a tour of the facilities following the presentation.

The event is free and open to the public.

3)  Oregon Chub were recently introduced into two small farm ponds on Dragonfly ranch, located along One Horse Slough.  Oregon chub is an endemic minnow to the Willamette Valley and the only fish to be delisted due to recovery efforts.  That means it was taken OFF the threatened and endangered species list due to recovery and restoration done by private landowners, Watershed Councils, OR Dept. of Fish & Wildlife and US Fish and Wildlife.  Freshwaters Illustrated is currently making a short documentary about the importance of private landowners in the recovery process.  More to come on this!

4)  The SSWC was awarded one restoration and one stakeholder engagement grant by OWEB during the April 2018 OWEB board meeting.  Dragonfly Ranch Meadow, Wetland, Oak Savanna and Oak Woodland Restoration Project will help with ongoing efforts to enhance and restore habitat on this 200 acre property.  The South Santiam & North Santiam Focus Project Development is aimed at engaging landowners who are interested in restoration and enhancement.

Do you have questions about projects or property management options?  We can help answer your questions.  Our contact info is listed on the contacts tab of our webpage.

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