Great Things Are Coming!

We’re coming up on a busy time of year. Fall field trips are starting, grant-writing season is in full swing, and we’re in the process of bringing new staff on board. It’s a lot, but that’s where we come alive.

One thing that watershed councils– and most small organizations– specialize in is thinking creatively about the world around us. Whether that means pursuing novel approaches to old issues, or ways to stretch time without venturing into the multiverse, a hallmark of success around here is finding solutions that are mutually beneficial, sustainable and FUN.

This summer, we successfully implemented an instream habitat project on Thomas Creek. This log placement combined tipping trees that were onsite, and placing trees that had been donated from a couple of different sources. It was all possible becuase a few people thought outside of the box and moved quickly to make the most of an opportunity to increase the quality and quantity of available stream habitat.

This will not only benefit federally protected salmon and steelhead species, but also the native fishes, amphibians, birds, insects and wildlife that reside in and around Thomas Creek. Just as critically, these instream projects to restore and protect aquatic habitat also result in improved water quality for downstream water users. That’s us.

Thomas Creek flows into the South Santiam, which flows together with the North Santiam to form the Santiam River. This provides drinking water to folks in Albany, Millersburg, Salem, and points in between; Lebanon withdraws its drinking water from the South Santiam upstream of Thomas Creek, and protecting all sources of drinking water is important.

From Water to Fire

Our Wildfire Adapted Communities Specialist, Marie, has been covering A LOT of ground lately. She is a pro in creative thinking and partnering, and she’s turning her great ideas into fun actions and opportunities for folks in the greater Santiam! Reach out to Marie for more information about any of the events below. We’ll get them up on our socials, too!

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