Ending the Dog Days of Summer

Recently, I got curious about how the later part of summer became known as the “dog days” of the season. My own dogs spend most of their days hiding in the shade and waiting until it cools enough to walk to the river for a swim or chase the ball at the park. My handy Farmer’s Almanac says that the dog days of summer are called such due to the sun sharing a patch of sky with the constellation Canis Major, anchored by the star called Sirius. By this explanation, the dog days last from July 3-August 11, which often coincides with the hottest days of summer. On the calendar, then, the dog days are soon over but in the weather forecast, the hottest days are yet to come. Poor dogs!

Even though we are looking into the maw of another heat wave this week, fall is not far behind. Every year at the start of fall, I find myself hopeful. Hopeful for students returning to school. Hopeful that water in rivers, creeks and streams will flow so that returning salmon can make their way home to spawn. Hopeful that in these hottest days of the year, people can find comfort on the shady banks and shallows near them. Hopeful that the council’s fall programming will once again bring wonder, joy, and learning to people of all ages. Hopeful that we can safely emerge from the solitude of COVID and meet by the river again.

Of course, we have no crystal ball, but we are planning as though all things will be possible this fall, and by the look of many of our partner’s calendars, so are many others! We invite you to join us in these activities coming up!

Shannon Richardson,
Executive Director

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