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Week 1. Conservation planning, Vegetation

WeekCategoryTitleFile SizeLink
1HomeworkElectronic Resources from Marion SWCD120 KB
1HomeworkHomework 1 Develop a Vision for Your Land26 KB
1HomeworkSample Water Right79 KB
1HomeworkWeb Resources Week 125 KB
1Resources - Vegetation7 Steps For Water-Efficient Landscapes-RWPC3 MB
1Resources - Vegetation2020 Integrated Weed Maintenance Calendar1 MB
1Resources - VegetationAttracting Pollinators to Your Garden-LNF3 MB
1Resources - VegetationBackyard Composting-NRCS419 KB
1Resources - VegetationBackyard Habitat Certification Criteria-BHP839 KB
1Resources - VegetationBackyard Mulching-NRCS471 KB
1Resources - VegetationBloom Time Table-MSWCD410 KB
1Resources - VegetationFalse brome179 KB
1Resources - VegetationField Guide to Weeds of the Willamette Valley-IAE6 MB
1Resources - VegetationGuide for Using Willamette Valley Plants Stream-Linn SWCD1 MB
1Resources - VegetationHedgerow for Pollinators-Xerces1 MB
1Resources - VegetationKnotweeds Control Sheet284 KB
1Resources - VegetationLow Water Use Native Plants_MSWCD171 KB
1Resources - VegetationManaging Himalayan Blackberry in Western Oregon Riparian Areas-OSU1 MB
1Resources - VegetationMarion SWCD Plant price list_2019114 KB
1Resources - VegetationMeadowscaping-WMSWCD8 MB
1Resources - VegetationNative Plants for Willamette Valley Yards-Metro7 MB
1Resources - VegetationNative woody propagation 1-15-195 MB
1Resources - VegetationNative Woody Propagation Handout Jan2019204 KB
1Resources - VegetationNatural Yard Care Booklet-WDE1 MB
1Resources - VegetationPlanting and Maintaining Your Lawn-RWPC2 MB
1Resources - VegetationPlants for Pollinators-NRCS2 MB
1Resources - VegetationPNW Plants for Native Bees-Xerces121 KB
1Resources - VegetationPollinator Habitat1 MB
1Resources - VegetationQuick Reference for Native Plants-MSWCD126 KB
1Resources - VegetationReed Canarygrass Control KC407 KB
1Resources - VegetationScotch Broom Control King County383 KB
1Resources - VegetationScotts broom278 KB
1Resources - VegetationShiny geranium_pw_7-6-16_Clark2 MB
1Resources - VegetationThe Oregon Rain Garden Guide-OSU12 MB
1Resources - VegetationTree Declines Red Cedar977 KB
1Resources - VegetationWeeds Management117 KB
1Resources - VegetationWildlife Habitat-NRCS300 KB
1Resources - VegetationWinter Twig ID Handout110 KB

Week 2. Water, Soil

WeekCategoryTitleFile SizeLink
2HomeworkHomework 2-STEPS Inventory Your Natural Resources88 KB
2HomeworkHomework 2-STEPS Map Your Property246 KB
2HomeworkIrrigation88 KB
2HomeworkSample Inventory645 KB
2HomeworkSoil Management90 KB
2HomeworkStream Condition140 KB
2HomeworkWeb Resources Week 227 KB
2Resources - SoilAgronomy Soil Quality-USDA113 KB
2Resources - SoilHealthy, Productive Soils Check List-NRCS1 MB
2Resources - SoilSample Soil Report500 KB
2Resources - SoilSoil & Water Labs-MSWCD421 KB
2Resources - SoilSoil Health Starter Kit-USDA5 MB
2Resources - SoilSoil Labs_OR382 KB
2Resources - SoilSoil Quality Assessment Card-OSU93 KB
2Resources - SoilSoil Quality Card Guide-OSU1 MB
2Resources - SoilSoil Sampling_OSU758 KB
2Resources - SoilSoil Test Interpretation Guide-OSU3 MB
2Resources - WaterWater Quality-Agriculture-ODA2 MB
2Resources - WaterWater Quality-Field Borders-ODA174 KB
2Resources - WaterWater Quality-Self Assessment for Small Acreages-WSU6 MB

Week 3. Streamsides, Woodlands

WeekCategoryTitleFile SizeLink
3HomeworkForest Condition.pdf169 KB
3HomeworkHomework 3-Goals, Projects28 KB
3HomeworkLandowner Self-Assessment Tool-ODA483 KB
3HomeworkRiparian Areas17 MB
3HomeworkSTEPS_goals288 KB
3HomeworkWeb Resources Week 330 KB
3Resources - Woodlands, ForestsBats and Woodlands10 MB
3Resources - Woodlands, ForestsEcological Forestry Resources-NNRG150 KB
3Resources - Woodlands, ForestsFamily Forests Guide-OFRI4 MB
3Resources - Woodlands, ForestsRestoring and Managing Oregon White Oak-OSU7 MB
3Resources - Woodlands, ForestsWorking Trees for Wildlife-USDA5 MB
3Resources - Streamsides, Aquatic AreasA Healthy Stream Runs Through It-ODA589 KB
3Resources - Streamsides, Aquatic AreasAffordable Streamside Improvement-ODA270 KB
3Resources - Streamsides, Aquatic AreasGuidelines Stream Ditch Maintenance-ODA821 KB
3Resources - Streamsides, Aquatic AreasRiparian Forest Buffer-NRCS338 KB
3Resources - Streamsides, Aquatic AreasRiparian Tree and Shrub Planting-OSU4 MB
3Resources - Streamsides, Aquatic AreasStormwater Management Manual_COP22 MB
3Resources - Streamsides, Aquatic AreasStreamside Care Guide-CWS3 MB
3Resources - Streamsides, Aquatic AreasStreamside Plants for Wildlife368 KB
3Resources - Streamsides, Aquatic AreasStreamside Vegetation-ODA541 KB

Week 4. Agricultural lands, Action plan

WeekCategoryTitleFile SizeLink
4HomeworkProject Prioritization Worksheet28 KB
4HomeworkWeb Resources Week 427 KB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandFarming For Bees-Xerces3 MB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandFarming for Pest Management-NRCS2 MB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandFarming for Pollinators-NRCS2 MB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandGrassed Waterways Vegetated Filters-ODA180 KB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandGrazing110 KB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandHeavy Use Areas-SCD1 MB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandHedgerow Planting for Pollinators-Xerces1 MB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandManaging Mud and Manure-WSWCD316 KB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandManure Management119 KB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandMarion County Rural Living Handbook-MSWCD26 MB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandPasture and Grazing Management-OSU5 MB
4Resources - Livestock, CroplandPasture and Livestock Essentials-OSU689 KB
4Resources - Prioritize, PlanConservation Plan Calendar36 KB
4Resources - Prioritize, PlanWeed Management Calendar43 KB

Additional course downloads

CategoryTitleFile SizeLink
Additional materialsConservation 101 Planning 01-15-20214 MB
Additional materialsIntro to Soils 2021 M. Fery5 MB
Additional materialsODA AgWQ Plan for Your Land SSWC11 MB
Additional materialsPFYL Forests 2021 HO4 MB
Additional materialsSSWC Native Invasive Habitat 202110 MB
Additional materialsAquatic Areas Presentation 202125 MB
Additional materialsConservation Planning 104th5 MB
Additional materialsNRCS agricultural presentation5 MB


Conservation Planning 101

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Native Plants, Invasive Plants and Habitat

Digging Into Soils

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Streamsides and Aquatic Areas

Water Quality

Planning and Caring for your Woodland Property

Planning and Caring for your Woodland Property video

Conservation Planning Pt 2

Conservation planning pt2 video

Conservation Practices in Agricultural Lands

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Conservation Partner Roundtable Discussion

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