Shannon Richardson

Shannon has been shaped by Oregon’s waters. From exploring Willamette River sloughs in her backyard as a child to hiking up steep creek canyons on Steens Mountain to survey fish and their habitats, she has lived, worked and played across the state and beyond. After a protracted college career that spanned ten years, five schools, four majors, several jobs and a lot of coffee, she finally finished her B.Sc. of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences at Oregon State University.

The day after graduating, Shannon began working for the Nez Perce Tribe in Lapwai, Idaho before coming home to Oregon in 2009. She spent the last 11 years of her career in a variety of fisheries research and management roles with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife before moving into her current position as the Executive Director of the South Santiam Watershed Council.

With more than fifteen years in the public sector, Shannon is particularly drawn to service leadership and collaborative governance. Outside of work, Shannon is a proud partner in a family that consists of 2 adults, 2 young people, 2 dogs, and 3 cats.  She also enjoys cycling, mountain biking, playing in water and running ridiculously long distances.